14K GOLD | alloy comprised of at least 58.3% gold with other metals to provide the strength and durability that pure gold lacks on its own. 

BLACK TOURMALINE shiny, black, natural, protective gemstone, often used as a healing tool to block negative energies from a person or space. 

CUBAN LINK CHAIN | cable chain with oval links in a twisted rope pattern.

FACETED | flat surface with geometric edges, creating a glistening effect when under light.

FRESHWATER PEARL | pearls farmed using freshwater oysters.

HEMATITE | metallic-grey natural mineral that embodies properties of strength, stability, protection + connectivity. 

HOWLITE | a white marbled stone, known for its calming + stress-relief properties.  

LEVER BACK | earring backs with clasps that pull down before inserting in earlobe and locking.

MOONSTONE | multi-mineral gemstone that responds fantastically to light and simultaneously emits colors like white, pink, and gray. 

ONYX | a black healing stone with properties of grounding, anchoring, safety + harmony in balancing work with life. 

PAVÉ | setting where stones are placed so closely together that no surrounding metal shows.

PLATEDmethod of covering another type of metal with a thin layer of higher quality metal (i.e gold).

PYRITE | iron sulfide gemstone with metallic luster and pale-brass coloring.  Protective shielding stone and embodies ambition, commitment, and perseverance. Often referred to as 'fools gold.'

RHODIUM | silver-white hard metal used for plating. It is the most expensive precious metal and is known for its durable finish and exceptional brightness. 

STAINLESS STEEL | a hypoallergenic iron alloy, resistant to corrosion, water, and heat.