Jewelry has never been a one-size-fits-all form of expression. An ally of individuality, accessories have punctuated our personal stories since their inception. While our experiences are unique, there are also instances throughout history where we experience situations as a collective. In these instances of overlap, commonality can become the catalyst for trends. On the heels of what can be described as an unexpected year, our style says a lot about the journey.

It’s no secret that sweatpants have become the new suit and tie. Love it or hate it, this look is the standard in our WFH world. While it’s certainly not the norm for most, it makes sense in our current climate — and, hey, at least it’s comfy! Despite the fact that we seem to be doing the least with our clothes, the same cannot be said of their shiny counterpart. Minimalist jewels may have had their moment back in 2019 but the bigger-is-better mantra has reigned supreme in recent years. Climbing in popularity since 2012, Cuban link chains continue to pop up on IG feeds and it-girls everywhere. Setting the stage for scaled-up styles to be front and center — oversized, playful, and chunky styles give people an opportunity to add a little bit of themselves back into the story. After the plot twist that was 2020, these jewels parallel the hope for a brighter, bolder next chapter. 

While the circumstances of this year were unprecedented, the jewelry trends that followed were not. Historically, when we’ve faced hardship as a society, we opt for jewels that are eye catching. For instance, during the great depression and WWII, chunky jewelry was incredibly popular. In fact, their resolve was so strong, that it led to the creation of costume jewelry. Aspirational and unwilling to let anything dull their shine, even limitations in finance and materials couldn’t stop them. Inspired by the perseverance of the past, we hope you’ll turn the page with us as we introduce the newest addition to the MC brand — Marrin Costello Radio. With conversation pieces at the center of our brand, we wanted to share our story in new ways and open the door for intentional conversations with impactful people. Join us Saturday’s at 9am PST on Dash Radio.