Turning 30 was something I have always looked forward to — exiting the emotionally tumultuous years of my 20s, filled with the unknown and ever-so-involved process of self-discovery, and, alas, becoming one step closer to the woman I've always wanted to become.  

To mark my third decade on this earth, and as an homage to my jewelry-making roots, the collection that launched closest to my 30th birthday was titled #Collection30.  #ArmParty, #NeckParty, and #EarParty galore, this collection encompasses so many elements of my personal style that have inevitably bled into the brand — embellishments, mixed metals, and layered jewels, with every last detail meticulously ironed out and a 'more-is-more' styling approach. 

Shot by my dear friend, fellow entrepreneur, and insanely talented photographer @CourtneyPaigeRay — who, I recently found out, was inspired to start her now hugely successful portrait photography business solely based off of our first photo shoot together in 2015 (*pinch me*) — this photo shoot surpassed any and all of my expectations.  The individual puzzle pieces that were my personal style, brand aesthetic, and jewelry designs came together seamlessly through Courtney's direction.  And in a single afternoon, the storyboard for the #Collection30 lookbook photo shoot transformed into a visual showcase of the woman I have always wanted to become. 

What's more, many of the pieces in this collection have since become the brand's best sellers and, thus, inducted into the MC Classic Collection — where they will be available for purchase indefinitely. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported this journey to date.  What a beautiful, wild, and fabulous ride.  Cheers to many more years and many more collections.  And in the interim, here's to #Collection30.  Enjoy!  xx