Belgian Fashion Designer, Ann Demeulemeester, said it best: “Jewelry is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewelry really interests me.” As with most things in life, the beauty of jewelry draws you in but it’s true luster lies below the surface. Often regarded as conversation pieces, jewels offer avenues of self-expression which can open the door to communication and connection. While these accessories have the ability to amplify your voice in the present, they can also act as a through line to the past.

An antique brooch, your grandmother’s ring, a gold chain you find at a vintage store — you may wear them to tell your story, yet they are already part of someone else’s. To me that merger is the real magic — that space between your moment in time and the timeless. A collaboration of heritage and history, its convergence into the here and now has been a mainstay in inspiration throughout my career as well as my life.

My Poppop was a jeweler and I idolized him. Known in the business as ‘Jerry the Gent’, he spent his life helping people shine. You could say that my penchant for pretty things came from him, but I think it’s also the connection to his craft and by extension, a piece of who he was. By taking on my role in Creative + Marketing at MC INC, I was able to pay homage to his legacy with a goal of emulating how he made those around him feel. Similar to the comfort that comes with working in the jewelry industry, when I slip on one of his rings, I’m choosing to keep his memory alive and to continue our family’s story. The dialogue that heirloom pieces create is uniquely singular in the sense that they outlive their origins. My fashion philosophy here is rooted in respect: you wouldn’t start a book in the middle of story, so why start your style journey there? Give yourself the permission to write the next chapter with the wisdom of those came before you.  

xx Dani