While Marrin has been making jewelry for over 20 years, we’re thrilled to be celebrating our 3rd formal year in business this year. No longer the new kid on the block in the jewelry world, our tenure gives us a chance to look back and reflect on the changes we’ve made as well as the constants that have remained — none of which shine as bright as our community of #costellobabe’s.The beauty of conversation pieces is that they open up communication and, in the process, link your stories to those of others. For us, our community is so much more than our chic little collective, it’s our catalyst— our reason. 

LA is unique in the sense that everywhere you go, there is a casting opportunity waiting to happen.  With our jewelry, Marrin casts for connection. In the early days of the business, Marrin did several trunk shows and one fateful afternoon at a show in Marina Del Rey, she met now lifestyle and mommy influencer Abby Ochse. Inspired by her warm, engaging personality, Abby and her sister (actress and best-selling author, Alyshia) became the first official faces of the Marrin Costello Brand. Defining what it meant to be a #costellobabe, the Kentucky natives went from models to muses in an instant with the creation of their namesake necklace, the Ochse Chain.

After capturing both Alyshia and Abby’s natural beauty in our first official MC Fall 2015 campaign called the Mixed Metal Collection, it was now Marrin’s job to translate their inner beauty into a custom necklace. As a concierge jewelry service rooted in community, custom creations offer a chance to connect with our customers on a deeper level, one where our expertise and their voice find synergy. Featuring sleek rectangular gold links finished by a signature MC tag, Marrin designed a minimalist moment for Abby. Originally designed specifically for the mom of 3, requests would not stop rolling in for this custom chain. In response, we decided to pay tribute to its inspiration by adding the necklace to the line under her last name. Not only did the Ochse Chain quickly become a #costellobabe classic, but it continues to sell out on our site to this day. The chain was so loved in fact, that we released two new iterations of the popular style: the Ochse XL Chain, a scaled-up version of the classic, as well as the release of the original Ochse Chain in silver. Formerly only available in gold, this MC classic is now crafted in stainless steel, for an eco-conscious, chic, and sustainable product. 

Interested in becoming a #costellobabe? Don’t forget to use the hashtag when you post a pic of your MC jewels + tag us @shopmarrincostello