Christmas comes but once a year but for Marrin Costello Inc, it’s a holiday that represents the beginning of our jewelry journey — legitimately with a box under the tree. After receiving a bead kit for Christmas, a 7-year-old Marrin fell in love with the art of self-expression and set out to sell her creations at Bay Area Craft Fairs + Boutiques alike. Fueled by creativity and connection, Marrin’s hand beaded styles took on the role of authentic conversation pieces. Nearly 25 years later, another holiday season has come to a close and we can’t help but reflect on how far we have come but more importantly, what our jewels continue to say. 

We know all too well that actions speak louder than words — thus, our goal for 2021 is to translate designing into doing. With a mission that emphasizes quality and incorporates social responsibility, we chose to update our base metal from brass to stainless steel.

While stainless steel is corrosion-free, which increases the strength and longevity of our jewels, it also aligns with our core belief of working towards a sustainable business. Stainless steel has a reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly metals available, which means that in addition to being 100% recyclable, this new base leaves you looking good and feeling even better. Oh — and did we mention stainless steel is also water-resistant, hypoallergenic and non-tarnish?! Safe to say this upgrade is definitely a no brainer.

We acknowledge that the path to sustainability is evergreen— and sometimes less is more. To further our commitment to our planet and our customers, we will be opting for a more curated approach to our collection throughout 2021 and beyond. By decreasing the sheer volume of styles we offer, we are able to show a deeper devotion to design, as well as being mindful of our environmental impact as a brand. #CostelloBabe’s can dress assured knowing that just because our brand is growing, doesn’t mean that our carbon footprint has to! From our inception we have believed in socially responsible luxury that’s attainable— where the highest quality and the best value are synonymous. As 2021 continues, we look forward to experiencing new firsts with you from production practices to products — all with integrity. Thank you for taking this journey with us. And remember— confidence is key, sustainability is chic, and green is the new gold.