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As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. With spring right around the corner, we seek out styles that range from statements to classics, encapsulating a subtle spirit of newness along the way. With an extra hour of sun on our side each day, this is our organic opportunity to shine. So how do we live up to this solar standard on the heels of a year that was anything but? In order to cut through the complexity that cluttered the past year, the comfort of consistency can come by way of trends.

Many of us are familiar with the not-so-groundbreaking concept of florals for spring. However, another print has cornered the market on cool this season — checkerboard. Commonly used in textiles, this traditional trend has a pattern of making things pop. While we’re typically fans of thinking outside the box when it comes to bling, this geo spells G-O-A-L-S. Appearing in everything from intricate pave executions to emerald-cut stones, this clean continuation brings modernity to a classic. Cyclical in nature, fashion’s most formidable trends always find their way back into the spotlight. Similar to the checkerboard comeback, the drama that detailed many Victorian blouses has begun to appear in accessories as well. Mirroring the romanticized pouf sleeve, this silhouette embodies a larger-than-life quality that celebrates your arrival into a new season.

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Full-bodied and full of life, soft shapes compliment the scaled-up curves of spring. Accentuated by shorter hair styles that are set to dominate the season, statement earrings in particular are popping up on runways and reels alike. Adopting an abstract influence, these surrealist styles embrace the unknown through the lens of your inner world. According to Vogue’s Steff Yotka: If there’s been one fashion lesson learned during lockdown, it’s that personal style doesn’t disappear in difficult times.

While the WFH world feels like a catalyst for anonymity, it has actually further acclimated us to seek out styles that fit our personal needs in a more genuine way. By transitioning trends from a mass mentality to a “me” mentality, consumers have collectively reclaimed their role as the shot caller. It is through this shift that we have also seen products take a more purposeful direction. With awareness and application at the forefront of trends in 2021, multi-use jewels offer the ability to minimize your collection while maximizing and customizing your wear.

Shop Marrin Costello Hero Collection

Keeping #CostelloBabe’s in mind as we crafted our Spring styles, we designed pieces that pay homage to how you want to wear them. Stackable and stylized, this series is made to move you mindfully into the next season. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know of all things sparkly and new — and keep an eye out for our Hero Collection, coming soon to champion your style.